It is amazing just how much our world has changed in a couple of weeks. Around 10 days ago I was touring around the Victorian High country with 20 Morgans . I thought I would put up a few shots of our recent journey to remind us of happier times

On Friday 11 March we all gathered in the carpark of the Bakery at Healesville. We lost one Morgan (our worthy President Bill’s Plus 8 as a matter of fact) getting to the start point and had another conk out with gearbox trouble on the Black Spur road which was a little exciting for all concerned.

Fortunately, with a bit of Devine intervention and a cable tie, all was well and we pressed on to Alexandra for lunch.

Afternoon saw us skirting around Lake Eildon on some amazing mountain roads. I have never changed gear so many times.  We had a bit of a stop to admire the view.

and get a group photo.

Then we pressed on to the Sebel Pinnacle Valley Resort for our first overnight stop. It was a truly beautiful spot in the evening watching the kangaroos and the deer coming down from the hills.

Next day we set out from Merrijig bound for Mt Beauty. We stoped to get some petrol and our master mechanic’s Morgan refused to start again. It was a case of physician heal thyself as Mike worked his magic under his bonnet and crowds of Morgan experts thronged around offering helpful suggestions.

Fortunately Mike got it going and we headed on to Wangaratta airport to check out an amazing facility restoring WW2 aircraft, then on to Beechworth where we tried to organise ourselves into a line for the local newspaper to get a shot. Then we drove to our overnight stop at Mount Beauty.

Next morning we headed out from Mt Beauty up the mountain for a coffee stop at Falls Creek . I have to say it was getting a little cool up there.

We then headed out into the Bogong High Plains where we parked the Morgans and had a walk of around 1K in to look at Wallaces Hut.

This is one of the original High Country Cattlemen’s huts. When we came to the hut it was swarming with caterers trying to set up a very very long table. The icy wind was blowing so hard they could not keep the wine glasses upright. Did I mention it was freezing. As we walked back to the place where we had parked our Morgans, buses were discharging numbers of ¬†individuals, mostly dressed in smart light summer outfits. who were participating in an event called a Long Lunch. I reckon there would have been a number of hypothermia cases before that lunch was over.

Then back down the other side of the mountain where we stopped for lunch at a cute little pub called the Blue Duck Inn at Angler’s Rest on the headwaters of the Mitta Mitta River. Then onto our final destination, Metung, where we had a great evening together at the Metung Pub. Their fish courses, as one would expect, are really good.

Next day we all made our own way home to a world of Isolation. A big thank you to Geoff and Nancy for another fantastic run.