Welcome to the website of Victoria’s Morgan car club or VICMOG as we call ourselves. We are a friendly, inclusive group of enthusiasts and their partners who have made found that life can be lots more fun with a Morgan. We keep formality to a minimum and we use our club to support and enhance our enjoyment of owning examples of the first and the last of the true British Sports Cars.

So whether you own a Morgan Aero Super Sports, a  Plus 8, a Roadster, a Plus 4, a 4/4 or a heap of Morgan pieces in a garage or just a stack of Morgan Magazines and for sale ads, or anything in-between, this is the place to be.

If you have not got a Morgan yet, could I suggest you have a look at our Morgans for Sale page. There may be the very one you are looking for there.

Happy Morganing,

Bill Emerson