The Morgan Motor Company today holds many unique records:

It is currently the largest English owned car manufacturer.

Opening for business in 1909, it is still owned by its founding family.

Its cars are still produced at its Factory at Pickersleigh Road Malvern that  H.F.S  Morgan had built in 1919. The pictures below were taken on a visit to the factory in 2013.

The Morgan 4/4 has been in production for 76 years.

The current Classic Morgan shape with the curved radiator cowl and headlights flared into the wings was introduced in 1953 when Morgan could no longer source separate headlights.

Production of the current Classic Morgans still uses the car building techniques of the 1920s and 30s. A wood frame is constructed which is then mated with a steel chassis containing the engine transmission and suspension.

The combination of traditional building methods with modern engines and transmissions creates a remarkable sports car that is light, with outstanding performance and a classic sports car feel but also having modern day reliability.

The Morgan is however, also very much part of the 21st Century, the current model Aeros and recently released new Plus 8s feature a unique bonded aluminum chassis and 4.8 litre BMW V8 engine giving a truly outstanding power to weight ratio.

As well as turning out the Classic Morgans, the Companies production line is currently busy producing Morgans latest 3 Wheeler which hopefully we will soon see on Victorian roads.