A real Oasis

Our October Lunch run took us out into the dry, yellow, dusty plains to the West of Melbourne. The forecast was for 30c, just a little too warm for comfortable Morganing but fortunately clouds were hanging about so our trip in was good. Unfortunately, the clouds had cleared by the afternoon so we did get a bit fried on the way home.


Our destination, Eynesbury Station turned out to be an oasis of green in the middle of dry dusty country. Eynesbury really fits into the hidden gem category. Few of us had ever heard of it and it really is a stunning destination. A fabulous historic building set in lovely lush green gardens, we were allowed to park out the front, and they do a great lunch – what more could one ask?


The Homestead was built in 1872 and once sat in the middle of a 20,000 acre pastoral property.

Today it serves as golf club house, restaurant and bar in the middle of a new sub division on the outskirts of the City of Melton. One of the benefits that the sub division has bought to Eynesbury is that of limitless recycled water from the Werribee treatment works so there is no holding back on the watering and the gardens here now really thrive.

We had a guided tour of the property, which included Bluestone men’s quarters (now the golf club’s changing Rooms) and an amazing all wood water tower. Too my shame my camera remained firmly fixed on the front driveway with the magnificent sight of all those Morgans arrayed in front of the historic homestead. When I got home, I found all the many pictures I had taken that day were just of this one spot. Still it was worth it.


If you are ever out Melton way, it really is worth the detour in to see this amazing place. It is open to the public, the food is great and the prices are reasonable. Thanks to John and Annie for finding this special location and organizing a great day and thanks to Ross for navigating us in