A different turnout for this months lunch run. Forecasts of temperatures in the thirties had led the more prudent to leave their Morgans at home and go for the comfort of air-conditioned tin boxes. Our total for the day of cars worth mentioning was only three Morgan 4 wheelers, one Morgan three wheeler, a Porsche and a Triumph Stag. Here is a shot of all bar one of the Morgans.

It was a real thrill to welcome two new members to their first club run. Firstly Andrew in his magnificent Blue three wheeler.

And Tina with her friend Alf in Tina’s elegant new white Plus 4. Tina had carefully parked her car in deep shade and I will get a better shot of it next time I promise.

Here is the intrepid group that made it the Pig & Whistle up near Arthurs Seat for a most enjoyable lunch and a great catch up.