Last Friday saw the usual band of suspects shake the dust off their Morgans and hit the Highway. We met up at the Croydon McDonald’s on the Maroondah Highway then lit out via Woori Yallock to Healesville and the Innocent Bystander for a caffeine hit before heading up the mountain to the Toolangi Tavern for lunch.

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I reckon the Toolangi Tavern has the best view from its back car park of any pub I have seen and there was a bit of lingering there to admire the view, and the Morgans of course, before heading in for a fabulous lunch.

April RDO Lunch3

Did I mention that the Toolangi Tavern has great pub food and friendly staff: well they do. And our usual fun lunch flew by before all too soon it was time to climb back into our Morgans and head down the mountain for home. One of the great features of this location is that you have multiple routes out so no need to back track over road you have already driven.

April RDO Lunch4

All in all a fabulous day out but I guess that’s true of any day in a Morgan if the heater is working, it’s not pouring rain and the temperature is over 10c.