We are pleased to announce that we now have our VICMOG car badges back in stock. You can see from the attached photos, as well as our traditional blue ringed one, we have done another colour variation which we call the Red Kangaroo.
We made these badges in the old traditional way using a fused coloured glass technique. We believe it makes a much classier badge.  However, we have struck increasing difficulties and rising costs in doing this as the number of manufactures in this technique has rapidly declined and, at the same time, the remaining ones costs have increased sharply. So we apologise for this increase in cost on this run. It looks as though this will be the very last VICMOG Badge that will be made using this technique
You can obtain this badge directly from Heather at a VICMOG club event or you can  drop an email to Heather at  , let her know what type of badge you would like (ie blue ring or red kangaroo) and your address. We will send you a PayPal invoice and when that is paid we will ship the badge to you.
Price per badge                                           $Aus 100.00
Shipping to Australian Destinations      $Aus7.00
Shipping to Overseas Destinations         $Aus 17.50