The evening prior to the Sunday at Historic Winton saw six members of VICMOG meeting up at the Violet Town pub for pre race drinks and dinner. On the Sunday, they were joined by at least 10 others at Winton racetrack

Sunday saw one of the biggest gatherings of 3 wheelers that Victoria has seen in many years.  Three venerable 3 wheelers ( belonging respectively to our worthy President Chris, Warwick Bisley and Paul Anderson) joined Morgan dealer of the decade Chris Van Wyk’s new three wheeler in a somewhat cramped trackside display and were subsequently  driven in an exhibition circuit around the Winton racetrack at lunchtime.



In addition to the four 3 wheelers, there were two Morgans in the pits and another five Morgans in the car park. So we were pretty well represented on the day.


Brian Garrett got talking talking to a chap from Canberra who had recently swapped his Maserati for a 1977, four four, 4 seater. It’s his fourth Morgan and he’s very happy and so is the new Maserati owner. It was great to see  Pete ffrench back at  the wheel of  “Morgasm” in the regularity race early afternoon.


It was a great weekend. Lots of beautiful cars to see and the weather behaved itself and didn’t rain.

Kerry Garrett