March Lunch Run - 1

We had our first lunch run for 2016 last week. We met up at the Stamford Hotel and at 10:30 sharp headed into the Dandenongs. The weather was a bit on the grey side but no rain fortunately.

March Lunch Run - 3 March Lunch Run - 4 March Lunch Run - 5

We stopped in Gembrook for a morning coffee at Spencers Store. This is a great venue. They do very good coffee and they coped extremely well with a horde of some twenty plus people swarming thru their door all in desperate need for a caffeine fix.

March Lunch Run - 6

The Morgans looked a treat filling the main street of Gembrook and we piled into them and headed across the ranges to via Launching Place and Woori Yallock across to the Yarra Valley and our lunch destination .

March Lunch Run3 - 1 (1)

March Lunch Run - 8

This was Tokar Estates , a beautiful winery off the Maroondah Highway up Maddens Lane. It is located on a hillside with magnificent views of the valley and a real Tuscan feel. It has a peaceful feel away from the mega car parks and bus loads of tourists that swam thru the large commercial wineries that dot the Maroondah Highway .

March Lunch Run3 - 5 (1)

March Lunch Run - 7Their wine was fantastic, their food was fabulous and the staff very friendly. It was a great start to our 2016 Lunch runs.