MOG for sale - 3

Our Club’s past Secretary Lindsay drew this one to my attention and I had to admit I was intrigued. Barn finds are usually rusted hulks covered in pigeon droppings. Here however, is a 1986 Morgan 4/4, all bright shiny and new some 30 years after it rolled out of the Malvern factory.


MOG for sale - 2

Have a look at this picture of the speedo.  It only has 1659K on the clock. Thats an average usage of 55K  per year. Amazing!

MOG for sale - 1

For anyone interested in following up on this particular car, the owners ad is as follows :

For Sale
1986 Morgan 4/4 two seater Originally purchased as a spare , my ’79 has proved so reliable , this car has had little use and now has a genuine 1600 k . The brakes have been overhauled and the timing belt checked . The car is in as new condition and would suit a new car buyer Has XR3 engine and 5 speed box . Offered at substantial saving over new car price . Ph David – B/H 03 96021229 .