2015 Plus4 for sale - 1

At our recent AGM I had the opportunity to have a look at a rather pretty Flat Rad that one of our VICMOG members, Graham Fly, was putting up for sale. While not quite concours condition, it is still a very handsome looking Morgan that you could be proud to take anywhere, and anyway we don’t do concours at VICMOG.

Flat Rad2 - 1

Since you don’t often see a Flat Rad come on the market around here particularly one that looks as good as this, I thought I would give it a mention on the MOGBLOG for those that were not at our AGM

Flat Rad2 - 2I loved the radiator cap which I am told is original

2015 Plus4 for sale - 3

Graham tells me it has a 2.0 Litre Triumph Engine and that its Sliding Pillar front end has been substituted by an MG front end. It has had a fair amount of work done on it in recent years including having its head removed, valve seats hardened, valves ground, replaced and reseated.

2015 Plus4 for sale - 4

This car is fully registered till 26 January 2016

2015 Plus4 for sale - 2

His asking price is $26,500 and if you would like any further information why not contact Graham at advicehq@bigpond.com or mobile 0408 511355